Jag Randhawa is a Technology Executive, Venture Capital Advisor, Professional Speaker and award-winning author of the book The Bright Idea Box. Jag has been credited with creating a wave of bottom-up innovation culture and empowering employees to grow the business. Jag’s MASTER Innovation program, a six-step formula for creating a culture of innovation, has been praised by leading business authorities and journals, including Harvard Business Review. Jag has more than twenty years of technology industry experience with a strong track record of building high performance teams and award-winning products. Jag is a frequent speaker on the topics of Innovation, Employee Engagement, and Leadership.

Jag is the mastermind behind the MASTER innovation program and the founder of Idea Employee Labs, a management consulting company. Jag shares a deep passion for humanity and a desire to make a difference in the world.

Born and raised on a farm in rural India, Jag developed a sense of appreciation for doing the best with what you have, which translated well into the corporate world. Jag started programming in his early teen years and got a full-time job as an engineer at age seventeen after completing his diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Subsequently, Jag obtained a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, but his thirst for continuous learning extends from neuroscience to Zen philosophies.

Jag lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife, a neuroscientist, and two daughters, whose smiles can melt anyone’s heart.