“Great ideas don’t just happen. Good leaders create a purposeful environment where brilliant ideas are generated, captured, and implemented. The Bright Idea Box is part inspiration, part workbook, part resource, and a book everyone can learn from.”
— Daniel H. Pink, Author of TO SELL IS HUMAN and DRIVE

“This powerful, practical book shows you how to motivate, inspire, and get the very best out of each person in your company.”
— Brian Tracy, Author of Full Engagement

“More and more organizational leaders are realizing that the most efficient and effective way to stimulate growth is to engage the existing workforce and cultivate innovation from within. Jag Randhawa’s The Bright Idea Box teaches you how to create practical, viable programs that will transform the company and the bottom line!”
— Marshall Goldsmith, America’s Preeminent Executive Coach (Fast Company magazine)

“It is almost a no-brainer to read this book to MASTER six steps for creating a bottom-up innovation program that not only retains your best employees but engages them to provide meaningful contributions to business growth. Not-put-downable from cover-to-cover, forcing you to reach for your yellow highlighter at every page.”
— Anurag Agrawal, CEO, Techaisle

“If you are looking to reinvigorate your workforce to achieve your organizational goals, this book is the most important resource to help you get maximum results!”
— Patrick Snow, International Best Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

“Jag Randhawa’s book is the rare gem that not only outlines a new concept but also manages to make the process tangible and easy to adopt. Jag makes a compelling case for his Six-Step Master Innovation Program. He has test-driven his process and speaks from experience. He backs up the reasoning for each step with case studies and research and concludes each chapter with a very helpful guide to get started. An essential guide to Innovation Management. Highly recommended.”
— Frauke Schorr, Ph.D., Founder and Principal at Centered Leadership Institute

“Jag is one of those exceptional technologists, who demonstrate an exceptional understanding of people and how to motivate them to collaborate and excel. In this book, combining a timely synopsis of current management thought leadership and his own refinement and implementation of best practices, Jag provides a handbook for empowering employees, which leads to an explosion of engagement and innovation. This step-by-step guide is a valuable addition to any leader’s library, providing insights into a possible, practical, and rewarding innovation process. A great return on your investment of time.”
— Sophia Abramovitz, Program Management Executive, CEO Norton Enterprises International, Inc.

The Bright Idea Box provides readers with a simple secret “how-to” formula for employee engagement, plus dozens of invaluable tips, tricks, and techniques learned from many of the innovative giants in the marketplace, who put employee engagement and empowerment at the heart of their business models.”
— Susan Friedmann, CSP, International Bestselling Author of Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market

The Bright Idea Box is a must read for any business that wants to take productivity to the next level. Jag lays out a step-by-step process for increasing employee engagement and creating a culture of innovation. Highly recommended!”
— Dr. Levi Murray, Entrepreneur and Author of Succeeding by Choice

“Employees are the most important, yet often most underutilized resource for continuous innovation. Jag’s book The Bright Idea Box shows how companies can engage employees in developing new ideas that not only engage them but also improve the business.”
— Michelle Graham, CEO and Co-Founder, Graham & Graham LLC

“Jag Randhawa has created a program that will take your business to new levels—accessing the brilliant ideas of employees to help leaders create innovation that keeps their organizations not just thriving but leading on the cutting edge. Jag has done the research and pulled it all together in an easy-to-access book. Jag helps you access the brilliance that is sitting right there in your company.”
— Donna Price, Business Strategist, Author of Employee Coaching for Business Success & Launching Your Dreams

“This book is a must read for any employer, leader, or manager who wants to engage his or her employees in innovative practices.”
— H.C. Joe Raymond, Life Coach, Speaker, and Author of Embracing Change from the Inside Out

“This book is full of examples and stories, and lots and lots of ideas, on how companies can break the mold and be innovative.”
— Leo Novsky, Executive Coach and Founder of Speak with Power

“One of the great challenges for any business is retaining its most valuable assets, its employees. In The Bright Idea Box, Jag Randhawa shares priceless information to keep your employees engaged in their work. Being a ‘stakeholder’ and feeling like an integral part of the company is one of the four pillars of Conscious Capitalism. The future success of business depends on the principles in this book. Pick it up today and follow the exercises in each chapter.”
— Mark Porteous, Author of Maximizing the Human Experience

“If you want to explode the growth of your company and impact our society while creating greater profitability and harmony with your people, start with Jag.”
— Michael Fulmore, Author of Unleashing Your Ambition

“This book is a must read for all leaders in the Service Industry.”
— Al Foxx, Author of Achieving No Limits

The Bright Idea Box is a simple recipe for engaging employees and creating a culture of innovation. Through the systematic approach shared in this book, you can transform your employees into innovators.”
— April Gibson, Author of The Deafening Silence

“Innovation is about adding value to customers. The Bright Idea Box shows how companies can add value and create a competitive edge using existing products and resources. This book shows you how to make the most with what you got.”
— Bonnie Marie Richter, Vice President of Winners Don’t Quit Association

The Bright Idea Box is a step-by-step guide that walks you through the process of creating a platform that encourages employees to come up with ideas to grow business, create operational efficiencies, reduce cost, improve customer service, and enhance the business model.”
— Robin B. O’Grady, Author of The Optimist’s Edge

“Jag’s MASTER innovation program is a brilliant and effective tool to engage employees and create a culture of innovation.”
— Brett Dupree, Author of Joyous Expansion